Coach-a-Team (CAT) (BETA)
** Season: , Round: ** Year: 2021, week: 15, Day: 6, Time: 07:44

Welcome to Coach-a-Team Badminton online manager!

What is "Coach-A-Team Badminton"?

  • Coach-A-Team Badminton is a free Badminton online manager.
    Once you have registed in, you can manage a badminton team.
    You can add virtual badminton players to your team and play in the league against other teams.
    Or you can take your players in ranking tournaments, so they get points for the world ranking.
    Course you can use your players in both competitions.

  • It is most important to you that you are looking for the right player.
    There are thousands of players from all over the world!
    Better and worse, old and young, even cheap and expensive players there.

  • Train your players, pay them a salary, take the best for your league-team or let them fight in tournaments for ranking points.

  • But as a manager, you should always keep an eye on the money.
    With good players you can earn money well.
    For good rankings you get bonuses for the team and sponsors pay well, if you win in the league.
    But be careful, good players want to be well paid and if they are not satisfied can it be that they get an offer from another team.
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Or do you want to test Coach-a-team badminton online manager?

You can log on with a demo account:
  • Username/Password: DemoTeam01/DemoTeam01
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  • Username/Password: DemoTeam03/DemoTeam03
  • Username/Password: DemoTeam04/DemoTeam04
  • Username/Password: DemoTeam05/DemoTeam05

With this demo you can check and test all at Coach a team.